PREMIERE: GRYFF Delivers Neon-Lit Feel Good Pop With ‘Dreams’

Brisbane pop artist GRYFF has marked his return today after a period of silence with the explosive and colourful new single, ‘Dreams’.

Harking back to classic 80s pop from artists like Janet Jackson while incorporating more contemporary sounds à la Client Liaison, ‘Dreams’ swallows you whole and lets you float freely among a sea of rainbow synths. It is the seamless blend of carefree nostalgia and optimistic foresight that feels necessary right now.

“I haven’t released a single since August last year before taking a break from music,” GRYFF said in a statement to Music Feeds.

“But then I realised that ultimately what I love most about music is that it’s about freedom of expression and the joy of creating and connection. I was locked down during the pandemic for a bit and the song ended up writing itself once I ignored all the self-pressure.

“The song is like a little mantra, like screw imposter syndrome… you’re the only one that ultimately matters in this.”

In case the song wasn’t already somewhat of a respite in the trashfire that is 2020, it also features a sample from something that is quintessentially 2020: Animal Crossing.

“I was playing a lot of it in the lockdown and it was amazing how one single piece of media could bring so many people together to create spaces and that resonated with me,” GRYFF said.

“I always like to put quirky samples in, especially when they mean something to me.”

Listen to ‘Dreams’ below.

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