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Track By Track: Royel Otis Break Down Their ‘Sofa Kings’ EP

Over the past 12 months, Sydney duo Royel Otis have risen from nowhere to attract a significant following at home and abroad. Signed to Andrew Klippel’s OURNESS label (home to Genesis Owusu), the duo make hooky indie pop songs built around Otis Pavlovic’s easy-going voice and the detailed guitar lines of the mysterious Royel Maddel (rumoured to be Leroy Francis, formerly of Sydney band Cabins.)

The pair have been busy over the last couple of years, releasing their debut EP, Campus, in 2021 and the follow-up, Bar & Grill, in 2022. The single ‘Oysters In My Pocket’ made it to #178 in triple j’s Hottest 200 of 2022 and the band will soon jump on the Groovin the Moo festival tour. Here, Royel Otis offer insight into the songs from their latest EP, Sofa Kings.

Royel Otis: Sofa Kings

1. Kool Aid

Royel Otis: ‘Kool Aid’ is all about confidence boosters. Like if the older girl that everyone loves thinks you’re cute, it gives you a whole new strut.

2. Sofa King

RO: ‘Sofa King’ is like watching everyone race to the finish line while you’re taking your time in a constant state of observational learning. You might feel like you’re running out of time, but they will all see you shine in good time.

3. I Wanna Dance With You

RO: This track is the story of a young lad building up the confidence to talk to their crush. Drinking a little too much juice and mucking it all up. Yet, somehow they still got the charm across.

4. Letter from Roy

RO: This one’s a love letter to someone who treats you poorly but you still see the good in them and you’re happy they still give you attention, no matter what form it comes in.

5. Going Kokomo

RO: ‘Going Kokomo’ is about letting go. Not sweating the small stuff. You’re a mere mortal trying to get a decent squeeze from this giant blue sauce bottle so just enjoy it while you’re here.

6. Razor Teeth

RO: ‘Razor Teeth’ is a song about getting way too obsessed with someone. It doesn’t matter if it’s in a positive way or not. Stop being bloody intrusive.

7. Farewell Warning

RO: We wrote this as a little goodbye ditty to the place we recorded these tracks, which had a gorgeous view of Mount Warning. We’ve made a lot of good memories there.

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