Baby Animals – The Metro Theatre 21st April 2009

The Spazzys, our favourite trio of punk/pop rock chicks from south of the border were back in town, supporting Baby Animals. It’s been a while since we’ve seen the Spazz girls – but what’s this? They were a four piece, with dudes on drums and bass? What we got was the Spazzys B-team, and Lindsay from Frenzal Rhomb on bass was perfectly suited to rockin’ out with the girls. A chunk of songs from Aloha! Go Bananas were a good spread across the set, along with some newer songs piquing our interest. Where the hell is the new album ladies?

The Baby Animals have returned from the 90s and after this gig some would say maybe they should’ve stayed there. Subject of many of my (deeply perverted) senior high school fantasies, Suze DeMarchi, is still Australia’s sexiest rock chick (now sexiest rock MILF). But with just original guitarist Dave Leslie joining the reunion, the band as a whole weren’t exactly up to it. Sure, they came out firing with Rush You and Stoopid, and finished with Ain’t Gonna Get, but in between it was inconsistent and perhaps a little self indulgent. The set was too long, drawn out by a couple of unnecessary cover songs that added nothing to the show. The best songs were all from their first album (the only good thing they ever did), and I wish they’d just played that from start to finish – judging by the reactions to songs during the night, it’s all anyone wanted to hear.

The totally wtf? moment of the night was when Aussie blues rock legend Richard Clapton turned up on stage and played one his classic I Am An Island. Suzie was taking a break to change from one hot outfit into another and watching Clapton rock out, I reckon she could’ve stayed off stage for the rest of the gig. And what the hell was with the Metro having the inside bar closed? Memo Metro management: I rock, therefore I drink.

Baby Animals weren’t bad; they just weren’t good enough, considering their history. The anti-religion anthem Waste Of Time was fantastic, along with very first single Early Warning and new single Got It Bad. Classic singles Painless and One Word were great too, along with the crunchy riffs of Working For The Enemy. It was an entertaining enough performance, satisfying to see half of the Baby Animals back in action, but sadly memories of this gig won’t last long.

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