100 Warm Tunas Is Back, Tipping Spacey Jane To Take Out The 2020 Hottest 100

Hottest 100 season is in full effect and, while everyone’s doing their best to get their shortlist down to just 10 songs, the legends over at 100 Warm Tunas have begun work on predicting who’ll take the whole thing out. As it stands, they think that honour will go to Perth’s Spacey Jane.

For those who are new to how the website works, it collates votes from across social media using various hashtags, and tallies them by amount of votes. Then, an aggregation of the top 100 songs with the most votes at any given time is spat out and we’re given a rough prediction of what the countdown will look like.

It’s incredibly early days, and the tally is updated a few times a day, but at the time of writing, Spacey Jane are tipped to be the ones walking away with the crown with their single ‘Booster Seat’.

Trailing behind them are Glass Animals with ‘Heat Waves’, Ball Park Music with ‘Cherub’, Tame Impala with ‘Lost In Yesterday’ and Flume with ‘The Difference’ alongside Toro y moi.

The entire top 20 has some surprising appearances, with particular attention to Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion’s ‘WAP’ poised for a #16 entry. This is surprising considering that the all-conquering song, according to @triplejplays’ Twitter account, was only played twice on the station throughout the year.

Check the full top 20 as it stands currently below, and check the full list here.

  1. Spacey Jane – ‘Booster Seat’
  2. Glass Animals – ‘Heat Waves’
  3. Ball Park Music – ‘Cherub’
  4. Tame Impala – ‘Lost In Yesterday’
  5. Flume – ‘The Difference’ (feat. Toro y moi)
  6. G Flip – ‘Hyperfine’
  7. Mallrat – ‘Rockstar’
  8. Bring Me The Horizon – ‘Parasite Eve’
  9. Ruel – ‘as long as you care’
  10. Eves Karydas – ‘Complicated’
  11. Machine Gun Kelly – ‘forget me too’ (feat. Halsey)
  12. Cosmo’s Midnight & Ruel – ‘Down For You’
  13. Rina Sawayama – ‘XS’
  14. Hilltop Hoods – ‘I’m Good?’
  15. Billie Eilish – ‘Therefore I Am’
  16. Cardi B & Megan Thee Stallion – ‘WAP’
  17. Architects – ‘Animals’
  18. The Smith Street Band – ‘I Still Dream About You’
  19. Ruel – ‘distance’
  20. Ruel – ‘say it over’ (feat. Cautious Clay)
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