9 Times Rage Against The Machine Totally Took The Power Back

Despite new information suggesting that the countdown at the Prophets Of Rage website is not a full Rage Against The Machine reunion – rather some new epic supergroup featuring the Rage members Tom Morello, Tim Commeford and Brad Wilk teaming up with Public Enemy’s Chuck D and Cypress Hill’s B Real – it’s pretty clear that what the world needs now, is more RATM, in whatever form. Who else can save us in a world where Donald Trump is a legitimate presidential candidate?

Since forming in 1991, the band have been tireless advocates against corporate corruption and greed as well as strong voices of revolutionary politics in a media landscape than usually silences such speech. Building a huge fan following off the back of their powerful and visceral music and their real world dedication to the politics espoused by their lyrics, it’s hard to imagine a band like this surviving in the post 9/11 world.

Hell, maybe that’s why we need them back now. If the better part of a decade without them has led to this, can we really afford not to get at least a few of them back together?

So with that in mind, the thriving nerve centre that is the Music Feeds brains trust has decided it was time we looked back at all those times the band stood up to the powers that be and told them to squarely fuck off.

9 Times Rage Against The Machine Totally Took The Power Back


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