AC/DC’s Brian Johnson Could Return To The Stage After Discovering Hearing Device

Last we heard from Brian Johnson he was all but giving up on his chances of returning to AC/DC but now he’s changed his tune after trialling a hearing device which he thinks could see him return to the live stage.

Johnson left AC/DC earlier this year after doctors advised that he could completely lose his hearing if he continued to tour with the band. Guns N’ Roses Axl Rose has since started touring as the band’s new frontman although that’s not a permanent arrangement as of yet.

The hearing technology was suggested to Johnson by Asius Technologies’ Stephen Ambrose who posted a video to YouTube inviting Johnson to try it. Johnson obviously took up the offer and is “moved and amazed” by the results.

Ambrose said that not only can the technology absorb harmful sounds but it can also restore hearing to people who “are profoundly deaf”. He also claims to have introduced Guns N’ Roses to in-ear monitors in 1990.

The former frontman wrote a statement for Asius Technologies Facebook page writing, “It WORKS. It just totally works and you can’t argue with that.”

“I was really moved and amazed to be able to hear music again like I haven’t heard for several years now.”

Johnson “can’t wait for it to be miniaturized,” so that he can use it everyday situations but also, “performing live music on stage.”

There’s no further information on when the device will reach that stage but it’s surely a positive sign if he’s even talking about returning to the stage.

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