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AFI Confirm They Are Working On New Music

Following on from the recent news that A Fire Inside aka AFI are indeed getting back together, guitarist Jade Puget recently let drop that the band are already working on a new album.

Speaking to Exclaim! TV‘s heavy music digital video channel Aggressive Tendencies, Puget and singer Davey Havok were unable to give any details other than that they “are working on AFI” as Puget put it.

Loathe to give any dates as to when it may come out, or what it will sound like lest they fail to meet a deadline or take a new direction before its release, Puget and Havok were mostly tight lipped.

Havok did drop a very little hint though, mentioning that while “it doesn’t exist yet, Jade plans to play on it and I plan to sing on it”. Well at least that’s something.

The new album would be the follow up to AFI’s 2013 album Burials, and while they refused to give any release details in the interview they have said previously they plan to return with a new album later this year, reports Dying Scene.

This of course follows on from bassist Hunter Burgan’s post to his official website that first tipped off fans the band were getting back together. The post itself was very vague, and while many had thought his words that the band “have plans for 2016” were referring to some kind of tour, who knows, maybe it will be a new album.

In the meantime why don’t you go over Puget and Havok’s interview with Aggressive Tendencies here and see if you can’t garner some clues from their facial expressions and body language.

Watch: Aggressive TendenciesAFI Are Writing A New Album

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