Photo: Anita Urbanaite

Alice Ivy announces new album ‘Don’t Sleep’

Melbourne producer and multi-instrumentalist extraordinaire Alice Ivy has delivered some good news today, with the announcement of her forthcoming second album Don’t Sleep.

In addition to the album announce, Ivy has also dropped the title track for the album, which features fellow legends Imbi and BOI.

Ivy also dropped the video for the song, which sees the three artists at a motocross track with a bunch of junior motocross riders. Watch it below.

“‘Don’t Sleep’ is one of those songs that came out of nowhere! Imbi, Boi and I were in the studio on the last day of a songwriting camp and at the start of the session we were all feeling pretty burnt out,” Ivy said in a statement.

“But something special happened between us and I think it had a lot to do with how inspired we were feeling after a week at an all-female/non-binary camp. We came up with a super powerful song and it’s definitely one of my favourite collabs I’ve ever been a part of. The lyric, ‘Our bodies are ours so keep your hands away’ hits me every time I hear it. It’s an empowering song… so obviously I had to recruit a bunch of junior motocross riders to tear it up in the video!”

Don’t Sleep is out Friday, 17th July.

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