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Architects Preview Forthcoming Album With New Single, ‘Deep Fake’

Brighton metalcore outfit Architects have shared their third single for 2022. ‘Deep fake’ is the latest preview of Architects’ forthcoming record tenth album, the classic symptoms of a broken spirit, which is set for release on Friday, 21st October.

‘Deep fake’ follows earlier singles, ‘when we were young’ and ‘tear gas’, in showcasing the crushing sonic focus of the veteran outfit’s upcoming record. Utilising electronic elements alongside their trademark metalcore intensity, ‘deep fake’ is indicative of the musical prowess that underlies Architects’ ever-rising popularity.

Architects – ‘deep fake’

The classic symptoms of a broken spirit follows 2021’s For Those That Wish To Exist, which topped the charts in Australia and the UK. Taking almost no time to celebrate their wins, the group swiftly got down to writing their next album.

In a statement, Architects drummer and songwriter Dan Searle explained that after being forced to make their previous record in a predominantly remote nature due to the prevalence of COVID-19, the experience of working together allowed them to craft something more “free, playful and spontaneous” this time around.

“This one feels more live, more exciting and more fun – it has that energy,” said front person Sam Carter. “We wanted it to be a lot more industrial and electronic.”

the classic symptoms of a broken spirit is set for release on Friday, 21st October.

Architects – the classic symptoms of a broken spirit

  1. deep fake
  2. tear gas
  3. spit the bone
  4. burn down my house
  5. living is killing us
  6. when we were young
  7. doomscrolling
  8. born again pessimist
  9. a new moral low ground
  10. all the love in the world
  11. be very afraid

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