As I Lay Dying’s Tim Lambesis Facing 9 Years Hard Time For Murder Plot

It’s a story so farfetched that it took the internet a very long time to take it seriously, but As I Lay Dying frontman Tim Lambesis really is in a serious amount of trouble. Reports are coming through that the vocalist could face up to 9 years in jail for attempting to hire a hitman to kill his estranged wife.

The news comes with a statement from the San Diego Sheriff’s Department on the incident:

“Information came to us late last week — last Thursday, to be specific — that Lambesis was soliciting another individual to kill his estranged wife, who also resides in the area. Our detectives, our fugitive task force and the sheriff’s special investigations division immediately initiated an investigation into this allegation. We worked around the clock through the weekend and that culminated this afternoon when Lambesis solicited an undercover detective to kill his wife.”

“The next step will be Lambesis’ initial appearance in court, and that is where the charges are read, and if there’s a bail to be set. And they will go from there and start setting different court dates. The investigation at our end is still ongoing, and I can’t go into detail on that. And, thankfully, no one was hurt. But I believe that the captain who commented earlier said that we averted a tragedy today.”

Lambesis, who was gaining momentium recently with his Arnold Schwarzenegger-themed Austrian Death Machine parody outfit, will have his day in court Thursday, 9th May and is currently being held a Detention Center in Vista, California,

(Via Metalhammer)

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