Attila Frontman Chris Fronzak Attacks Fan At Perth Show

Chris Fronzak, the controversial frontman for US metalcore act Attila, left the final show of the band’s Australian tour in chaos, after he attacked a fan in the crowd and stormed off stage.

As can be seen in the fan-shot footage below, the singer lashed out at the Perth audience member, appearing to hit them with his microphone before declaring the show was over and storming off the stage.

According to fans on social media, the band did later return to the stage to play a few more songs.

Taking to Twitter later, Fronzak apologised for his “anger problems” and explained that he mistook the audience-member for another who he claims tried to pull him off the stage and assault him.

“I definitely have mental issues, I am full blown insane,” he tweeted. “Someone fucking tried ripping me off the stage and assaulting me and I fucking retaliated and hit the wrong homie…. Fuck.”

“I apologize for my anger problems and fuck that douchebag that tried fucking with me,” he added before letting people know his microphone “has a piece of human scalp in it” and that, “No one is perfect. Everyone has problems.”

Fronzak also asked for the person he hit by mistake to come forward for some free merchandise and later claimed to have made up with the fan, saying he has “made things right”.

The Perth show was the last on the Atlantan four-piece’s Australian tour, in support of their sixth studio album Guilty Pleasure.

Read all of Fronzak’s tweets and watch fan-shot footage of the incident below.

Watch: Attila Vocalist Chris Fronzak at Perth Show

So before you all watch this video from last night’s ATTILA show, just keep a few things in mind…If you go to a gig where the venue and the band let you stage dive, get up and sing with them or any other close interactions. Remember that it’s a privilege they let you do it and don’t have a security barrier with ten security guys there keeping you back. So when you have the chance to get up and close with bands just respect them and don’t do dumb shit to them. The guy holding onto Fronz’s leg and pulling on him…. I don’t understand. Why? “Fuck yeh I got his leg!”… Now what? I’m sorry but if I was up on stage playing my guitar and someone did that and I fell and my guitar was damaged in the slightest, I’d be mad. So to me even though it was a little overboard, I can see why he retaliated like that. Wasn’t the best way to go about it, but it was in the heat of the moment. So yeah just remember when you go to a gig just make sure you bring common sense, respect and a fun attitude. Peace xo#attila #shotsfortheboysPS: I didn’t shorten the video because it would be out of context to show the dispute without showing the song they played and the great vibe it brought to the room before hand.

Posted by Vincent Robinson on Saturday, 18 April 2015

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