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Avril Lavigne Returns With New Single, ‘Bite Me’

Fresh off the back of signing with Travis Barker’s DTA Records, Avril Lavigne has released the first taste of her forthcoming new album, in ‘Bite Me’.

The song itself is pretty classic Avril Lavigne; if anything, ‘Bite Me’ will stand as a faithful throwback to that sassy, punchy aesthetic that the Canadian singer first became known for back in the 2000s. Following on from her 2020 album Head Above Water, ‘Bite Me’ cracks open a brand new chapter for Avril, as promises to ‘f*ck sh*t up’ in the best, most raucous way possible with this new project.

“I am excited to be dropping ‘Bite Me’,” Avril’s said of the song’s official release. “It’s an anthem about knowing your worth, what you deserve and not giving someone a second chance who doesn’t deserve you.”

Listen to ‘Bite Me’, below.

As for Travis Barker, he’s on drums for ‘Bite Me’; not a huge surprise, collaboration-wise, but perhaps an early indicator of how involved he might still stand to be on the rest of the album. He is also credited as a co-producer, alongside John Feldmann (Goldfinger) and recent collaborator/partner, Mod Sun.

Avril’s next record – her seventh – hasn’t gotten a title attached yet, but has already been teased as her most alternative record to date.

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