This Baz Lurhmann Directed Netflix Show On The Birth Of Hip-Hop Looks Insanely Good

The first trailer for new Netflix show, helmed by Aussie auteur Baz Lurhmann, titled The Get Down has dropped and, holy shit, does it look good.

Set amidst the dizzying social and cultural changes of New York City in the 70’s, The Get Down follows a group of local teens in the South Bronx who get mixed up in the violent upheavals and birth of hip-hop of the time.

Littered with some truly Baz-esque cinematography and the insanely high production quality and highly saturated colours he’s become known for, the trailer introduces us to the batshit crazy world of NYC in the 70’s and features a Grandmaster Flash style character who is mentoring a group of young DJ wannabes. (The IRL Grandmaster Flash is a producer on the show)

Check out the whirlwind trailer below and hold on to your butts for another Netflix show that everyone will be talking about later in 2016.

P.S: Do you think Stephen Avery did it, OMG, I’m in love with the lawyer bros.

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