Beyoncé Fan Shamed For Playing Pokémon GO In Front Row Of Concert

The Poké-phobia continues, with a young Beyoncé fan being brutally shamed online after being spotted playing Pokémon GO in the front row of one of the singer’s European shows as part of her her Formation world tour.

The unlucky Poké-fan — a teenage girl — was spotted and recorded in the act, with Instagram user and obvious Bey-superfan beyoncereceipts (who provides “Beyoncé receipts, facts and statistics to help the BeyHive successfully drag”) posting the video online:

That was just the beginning though, with shit getting pretty real pretty quick after the video hit Twitter and the flood gates of hate well and truly opened. Here’s just a taste of the reactions which are playing out online:

In other Poké-phobic news, Rihanna opened a performance in France over the weekend by warning to her fans not to indulge their urges to catch ’em all while she’s performing… among other things.

“I don’t want to see you texting your boyfriends or your girlfriends. I don’t want to see you catching any Pokémons up in this bitch,” she told the packed out crowd, as seen in the video below.

Maybe if Bey had made such a disclaimer before her shows she wouldn’t have to compete with the popular online game to hold the attention of her fans, but something tells us there is no force on earth that would dissuade a Pokémon trainer hoping “to be the best, that no one ever was”.

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