Billy Corgan Threatens Stage Invaders With Guitar Beatdown After Smashing Pumpkins Set Gets Crashed Twice

Billy Corgan doesn’t take kindly to stage invaders. When he was in the country for Soundwave earlier this year, The Smashing Pumpkins frontman offered up some insight about how he would handle a Kanye West stage invasion, professing no hesitation to knock Yeezy the fuck out.

And, it seems, garden variety stage invaders are to be treated no differently. A few (stage) crashing Pumpkins caught the ire of the frontman at the band’s show at New Jersey’s PNC Bank Arts Center with Soundwave 2015 pal Marilyn Manson this week.

Two invaders managed to shimmy past security and storm the stage. As Spin reports, the first crasher jumped up and began to dance enthusiastically alongside Corgan, who was Disarmed but slightly amused by the shenanigans, before he was shunted away by tardy seccas.

The second time around, during 1979, the Pumpkinhead wasn’t so amiable, and threatened to smash the next offender.

“I don’t know how those people are getting on stage but the next person that does is getting a guitar upside the head!” Corgan proclaimed, according to Alternative Nation.

And, as a full-time Senior Producer for sports entertainment wrestling federation TNA, you’d better believe Corgan knows a thing or two about laying the smackdown (or whatever TNA’s version of smackdown is).

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Check out fan-shot footage of the Smashing Pumpkins’ stage invasions, below.

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