Birds Of Tokyo Release Episode 1 Of ‘Making Of Album’

Birds of Tokyo have released the first of what we imagine will be several videos documenting the making of their forthcoming album.

The video features interviews with all five band members, including new additions Glenn Sarangapany (keys) and Ian Berney (bass). It also shows footage of the band workshopping songs with eachother and recording live in the band room.

Most significantly, it contains a small snippet of a new track, This Fire, which is the lead track from the band’s forthcoming EP that is to be out on October 5. The EP will contain four new songs from the band, and serves as a taster for their fourth album, which will be released in March 2013.

“In order to move on and grow as a band we needed to sit down with eachother this time around and really challenge each other and push ourselves in directions that, individually, we may not have wanted to go down,” said drummer Adam Weston.

Birds of Tokyo will play the Rock-It Festival in Perth next month, and also Homebake in Sydney in December. Expect several new tracks to be aired at those shows.

Watch the video below:

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