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Mdou Moctar Release New Single  ‘Oh France’ From Their Upcoming Album ‘Funeral For Justice’

Mdou Moctar has released a new single titled ‘Oh France’, a track from their upcoming album named ‘Funeral For Justice’, which will be released on Friday, 3rd May.

Metallica guitarist Kirk Hammett in an interview with the New York Times. “Us guitar players in the West, we all have the same base vocabulary, the same handful of stereotypical licks. But Mdou’s music, it’s almost free of that stuff. And because of that, it sounds more spontaneous. It sounds fresh. It’s amazing.”

Mdou Moctar – ‘Oh France’

The band Mdou Moctar called the track ‘Oh France’  as  “A cri de coeur of screaming guitars.” “This album is really different for me,” explains Moctar who is the band’s singer, namesake, and undoubtedly an iconic guitarist. “Now the problems of terrorist violence are more serious in Africa. When the US and Europe came here, they said they’re going to help us, but what we see is really different. They never help us to find a solution.”

The band further said. “Ilana was the gateway album, saying that this is a raw rock band. And ‘Afrique Victime’ was a summation of that vision.With Funeral For Justice, I really wanted this to shine with the political message because of everything that’s going on. As the band got tighter and heavier live, it made sense to capture this urgency and this aggression – it wasn’t a forced thing, it was very natural.” said Coltun, who apparently recorded the entire thing in just five days, and that too, in an totally unfurnished house in New York.”

“Mdou Moctar concluded their statement by saying. “I don’t support the coup,but I never in my life liked France in my country. I don’t hate France or French people, I don’t hate American people either, but I don’t support their manipulative policies, what they do in Africa. In 2023 we want to be free, we need to smile, you understand?”

Tracklist – ‘Funeral For Justice’

  • Funeral For Justice
  • Imouhar
  • Takoba
  • Sousoume
  • Imagerhan
  • Tchinta
  • Djallo #1
  • Oh France
  • Modern Slaves

You can pre-order the album here.

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