Chief Keef Arrested Twice In One Week, This Time For Driving Twice The Speed Limit

Fortunately, Chief Keef is finding some traction with his rapping seeing as his personal life is frequently out of control. Having spent some time in prison not too long ago, Keef has now been arrested not once but twice this week.

His latest booking came after the rapper was clocked at 110mph in a 55mph zone punting it in his 2011 BMW X6 M around 3am local time. When he was pulled over, Keef was busted carrying three passengers, despite only legally being allowed to carry one. Keef will be appearing in court for the offense Monday, 17th June.

His first arrest this week came after security busted the rapper smoking weed in a hotel room. Keef pulled the race card but regardless, he received another mark against his name for the offense. Only back in March, Keef was released from jail having violated his parole terms in relation to another charge, but this time to do with weapons.

On top of this, the 17-year-old has spent some time under house arrest, that time it was due to drugs. With a clear pattern starting to emerge it might be time someone sat down with the rapper for a one-on-one to get him back on track.

(Via Fact Mag)

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