Chief Keef Arrested Again Outside Court By Police Armed With AK-47s

It’s almost like Chief Keef is trying to get behind bars now. The rapper has once again been arrested, so close to his last offence that it’s ridiculous, and this time the police meant business, packing some serious heat as they waited to bust the serial offender who is now claiming to be a victim of excessive force.

Keef, real name Keith Cozart was literally on his way out of a court hearing, where he had received a caution for a previous driving offence only to find police waiting for him outside the courthouse. Cozart’s lawyer states that the cops were waiting outside for her client take him into custody in regards to misdemeanour trespassing charges.

To Cozart’s surprise, the Chicago police were armed with AK-47 assault rifles when they took him into custody. This didn’t go down well with the rapper or his camp, who posted a statement on the issue:

“It is not normal practice for police to come from the south side armed with AK47’s to arrest a person on misdemeanor trespassing charges, but clearly Chief Keef is a special young man that garners special treatment from the Chicago Police Department. Hours later, amidst jovial officers with no sense of urgency, Chief Keef is still being held waiting to be processed. So special they just wanted to keep him around for a little while longer.”

That’s…one way of looking at it, we suppose. Misdemeanour trespassing might be a minor offence, but the latest single from the rapper Round Da Rosey is a straight up crime against humanity – he’s lucky they didn’t send a drone.

Watch – Chief Keef Round Da Rosey

(Via Fact Mag)

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