Corona Extra Presents ‘La Casa Artist Residency’

Offering an online haven for all those creatively inclined, La Casa Artist Residency offers a platform for artists quite unlike anything else. Operating out of a beachfront location and coming at you via the website, La Casa provides intimate, rare footage of creative people doing what they do best.

Set in a sun-drenched location placed smack-bam in front of some pumping swell, La Casa invites talented individuals and groups to explore their creative side while living at the residence. Equipped with in-house recording studio, art room and a world-class surf break, La Casa will provide everything an artist could want. Bits and pieces of the stay will be captured on film and documented through the site.

Already, names such as Saloon, Dovan Frankenrider, Wolf & Cub and White Seas have graced the walls of the house with their creative stylings. Videos of their stay are already up now and give great insight into how they all work.

Taylor Steele, the mastermind behind the concept has already earned a reputation for his film-making. Steele will also be behind the camera at La Casa. Speaking of his time at La Casa, White Sea’s Morgan Kibby said “I have to say it’s really inspiring being here. We spend so much time on the road and so much time like locked in studios. This is a really huge kind of like reminder that putting yourself in a creative space it’s just, I mean it’s invaluable.”

Check out the promo clip below.

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