So It Looks Like “Crazy UFO Guy” Tom DeLonge Might Have Been Onto Something This Whole Time

Impassioned, self-proclaimed “crazy UFO guy”, Tom DeLonge might have been right about UFOs after all. The Blink-182 co-founder left the band in 2015, and in 2017, established his very own UFO research organisation dubbed To the Stars Academy of Arts & Science. He also executive-produced the docuseries, Unidentified: Inside America’s U.F.O. Investigation.

Over the last few years, DeLonge’s organisation has revealed footage of various UFOs, and there’s one particular video from December, 2017 filmed by the US Navy that has the Navy themselves pretty stumped.

The clip clocks in at just under two minutes, the grainy black and white infrared video showing three clearly depicted shapes floating across the frame. Take a look below.

Vice’s Motherboard reports that the video has officially been acknowledged by the Navy as “unidentified aerial phenomena”, which is the newer, ~cooler~ term for UFO.

US Navy spokesperson, Joseph Gradisher, told them that “the Navy considers the phenomena contained/depicted in those 3 videos as unidentified.”

That’s all the Navy have said about the matter, really.

“The Navy has not publicly released characterizations or descriptions, nor released any hypothesis or conclusions, in regard to the objects contained in the referenced videos,” Gradisher told the Black Vault.

I for one, welcome our alien overlords.

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