Daily Telegraph Publish Picture Of Wrong Woman As Person Who Died At Stereosonic

The Daily Telegraph has published a photo of the wrong woman (see above) on the front page of their paper, naming her as Sylvia Choi, the women who died at the Stereosonic festival in Sydney on Saturday.

According to Mumbrella, the image of the wrong woman was also published in The Daily Telegraph’s e-newsletter and on news.com.au.

Police have since released the correct image of Choi (see below).

SMH have published a story today revealing the private paramedic company contracted to provide first aid services at Stereosonic banned its staff from talking to NSW Police.

Founder of the company, Mike Hammond said:

“They [NSW Police] come to me, I own the company, they don’t talk to anybody at the end of the queue, they call the head of the company.”

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