Dazzle Me This #4 – Immy & New Wave

I fell in love with Imogen Heap’s voice via her collaboration with Guy Sigsworth, and their delightfully named band Frou Frou. I was overseas when I first heard of these guys, and feeling plenty homesick. Heap’s unique and ethereal delivery, for whatever magical reason, struck me right deep down to the very core and had this funny way of easing all my nostalgic feelings and bringing me back into the present. Suitably impressed, I immediately got my google on to find out more.

Her solo offerings I Megaphone (an anagram of her name!) and Speak For Yourself were equally core striking and it’s been about four years since I’ve had the pleasure of hearing new material from Ms. Heap.

Ellipse is a thirteen track reminder of all that is glorious about Imogen Heap and gets a definite tick of approval from Katie Dazzle. It’s sweet and it’s lilting – listening to Imogen Heap is like going on this little adventure where there are good parts and sad parts, sometimes you drive fast and sometimes you drive slow, but you always get to the end feeling content.

I wouldn’t say I’ve necessarily been hanging out for a new album from Heap, maybe it has something to do with the fact I’m no longer overseas and I associate it with a particular part of my travelling life. But as soon as I found out it was on the way, my curiosity was piqued and my expectations have not been disappointed.

You might be familiar with the achingly beautiful Hide And Seek, the standout track from her last album. And may I just say, I liked this track pre it’s use in some scene, from some TV teen drama, where some rich bitch from Orange County did us all a favour and died.

The reason I bring it up is because Ellipse doesn’t quite cut the mustard in having that one amazing track, but that is not necessarily a bad thing. The thirteen songs Heap gives us here are consistently good and it’s just so nice to hear her voice again; it’s like being reminded of an old friend.

The opener First Train Home and the closer Half Life happen to be my faves off the album, which gave my whole listening experience this lovely circular feeling. Welcome back Immy.

And while I’m at it welcome back late 70’s/early 80’s? For the purpose of this week’s mini-mix at least. I had the most awesome thing arrive on my desk the other day at work. A compilation of New Wave greats, and yes they most certainly are. Can’t stop listening to these three in particular, so stock up on the hair gel, get your crimper and bright lyrca out and put your shoulder pads in.


I had never heard this song before. Blasphemous. It’s the most amazing tune I’ve heard all month. Can’t get enough, I think I have a thing for Scottish popsters.

[youtube j21ULe2hrY4]


Oh E.C. So nerdy, you are totally in fashion right now. You should capitalise on that. Oh what’s that, you just toured? Fancy that.

[youtube IiYnhWqtGfY]


The saxophones! The dancing gypsies in the film clip! If that doesn’t spell house of fun, I don’t know what does.

[youtube -QnBccG_ChI]

Til next week poppets! x

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