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Don’t Thank Me, Spank Me! Release Debut Self-Titled Album

Musical duo Don’t Thank Me, Spank Me! has released their debut self-titled album on Friday, May 24. Along with the new single, ‘Be My Forever,’, featuring a new guitar rock twist.

The debut album features collaborations with Henry Jenkins, Hudson Whitlock, Myka Wallace, and Jules Pascoe, and is mixed by Casey Rice. Drawing from influences like 70s girl bands and 90s RnB,

Don’t Thank Me, Spank Me! is known for its unique blend of songwriting and stylish presentation, Don’t Thank Me, Spank Me! has gained attention with their single ‘Hey Woman,’ which carries an anti-capitalist message and has been well-received on community radio across Australia.

‘Don’t Thank Me, Spank Me!’

The song from the album ‘Be My Forever’ is an upbeat song that celebrates the joy of expressing romantic feelings. The duo describes it as the “tequila of songs,” noting that it brings a euphoric high when played. The song’s lyrics encourage listeners to take charge of their own stories and not wait for others to make the first move.

The single is a tribute to the Don’t Thank Me, Spank Me! duo’s mothers, who have both experienced love passionately and assertively. “Be My Forever is dedicated to our mums as they have both loved hard, fallen hard, been obsessed by and are bossy with love.”

You can stream the ‘Be My Forever’ single here.

‘Don’t Thank Me, Spank Me!’ Tracklisting:

1. Sandy 

2. Dollars and Cents

3. Spunk Rat 

4. Be My Forever 

5. Hot Mess

6. Cover

7. Habitual

8. Hey Woman

9. Teenager

10. Dance 

You can stream the album here

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