Earl Sweatshirt Has Shared An Incredibly Candid Interview With His Mother At MoCA In Los Angeles

Earl Sweatshirt has shared the video from a one-on-one conversation he did with his mother, Professor Cheryl I. Harris, at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Los Angeles.

Before the interview, Earl spoke to UPROXX’s Jasmin Leigh, saying “There’s been a whole bunch of conversations involving my mom and about my mom that she ain’t got to be a part of, so, let her talk for herself.”

During the 40-minute conversation, Earl and his mother discuss vulnerability, technology, capitalism, making art, race relations and public education, as well as the creation of Earl’s recent Feet of Clay EP, whose title was inspired by Harris.

“People who are elevated or given positions or admired or put on pedestals have to remember we all have feet of clay. Some weakness, some struggle, something that we have to push against in order to realize who we are,” Harris says early on in the interview.

“Ultimately our fight is ours,” she adds later on. “It has to rest with us. It has to be because inevitably we all have feet of clay.”

Harris talks about how proud she is of her son, praising  “his will and his empathy and his willingness to develop and confront things that are difficult.”

Discussing the internet, Earl compares what using social media is like now as opposed to early on in his career, saying “It’s much more vicious, it’s faster, and a lot of things that constitute a complete human experience get lost on the internet.”

Elsewhere in the conversation, Earl also talks about what rap means to him, saying it “helps me figure out life. It’s the medium I use to sort life out.”

It’s a very candid, open and honest conversation between an eloquent Harris and her son that’s well worth the time.

Watch the interview below.

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