Earl Sweatshirt Plans New Release

Earl Sweatshirt has revealed in a recent tweet that he has been writing new material that would likely be coming from a new album. In his tweet he reveals that everything he’s written in the past was from when he was at a young age, and his next release will likely be a lot better, possibly more refined and mature.

@earlxsweat: “EVERYTHING YOU’VE HEARD, ASIDE FROM STUFF OF RADICAL, WAS WRITTEN WHEN I WAS 13 14 and 15. You are not ready for this next shit. swamp”

It is not known whether this new material will be released with Odd Future, after returning to Los Angeles from a lengthy stay overseas sharpening and collaborating his skills under the guidance of Leila Steinberg, who is an artistic mentor, who famously first guided music and screen icon, Tupac Shakur.

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