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Eves Karydas Releases New Single ‘Last Night When We Were Young’

Eves Karydas has previewed her forthcoming EP with new single ‘Last Night When We Were Young’. The track will appear on her Wide Eyed EP when it’s released on Friday, 25th November.

A slow-burning piece of intimate pop, the track focuses on notions of growing up and the fleeting nature of life itself. Karydas has noted that the single is “a little different from [her] usual repertoire”, and presages something of a musical evolution for Karydas to be heard in full on Wide Eyed.

Eves Karydas – ‘Last Night When We Were Young’

“We had spent the day at Jon’s [Buscema, writer/co-producer] house alternating between the swimming pool and the studio, chatting about the fast moving feeling of life,” Karydas said of the track. “Where does all the time go? It’s like we’ve suddenly woken up, we’re adults, we have responsibilities.

“Like at the start of a new relationship when the hours feel like minutes, and you know those moments aren’t going to last forever. That’s the feeling we wanted to capture in the song.”

The single is accompanied by a music video directed by Daniel Mayne, capturing Karydas in various locations throughout Melbourne including Fitzroy record store Oh! Jean Records.

The arrival of ‘Last Night When We Were Young’ comes a couple of days after Karydas spoke out against the corrosive effects of compulsory social media use for women in the music industry. “I’ve reached a point where I can no longer do things the way I was doing them as it was unsustainable for my creativity and at the same time damaging my sense of self-worth,” she wrote.

She added that if “finding success means killing my soul for some likes and comments, then I don’t want it.” The post concluded with the announcement that, “in an effort to not only salvage my creativity but to also survive” Karydas is moving forward in her career self-managed.

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