Feast Your Ears On Royal Blood’s Arse-Kicking New Track, ‘Where Are You Now?’

We can’t help but feel that our lives have been suffering from a distinct lack of new Royal Blood lately, and it’s not until we heard their brand spanker Where Are You Now? that we realised it.

The track has been cut from HBO’s new Martin Scorcese/Mick Jagger produced IT series, Vinyl – a show about all the crunk shit that went down in New York City’s music industry in the early 70’s (spoiler alert: cocaine).

The show has inspired a number of legitimately awesome covers, including Strokes’ frontman Julian Casablancas’s killer reimagining of two Velvet Underground songs.

But now, it seems, it’s also spawned a completely original new Royal Blood track, with the UK rock duo confessing that they were inspired to write the newby after seeing the show’s trailer for the first time.

“Hearing [main character] Richie Finestra talk about the first time you heard a song that made your hairs on the back of your neck stand up or made you wanna dance or kick someone’s arse,” bassist/singer Mike Kerr told Noisey. “I just wanted to write a song that gave me that sort of buzz.”

And he’s definitely accomplished that mission. Where Are You Now? is pretty much the antidote to the chillaxed Skrillex/Diplo/Bieber song of the same name.

Driving, dirty, swaggering and rock n’ roll as all fark, the track is a fuzzed-out bluestastic riff orgy.

More please.

Listen: Royal Blood – Where Are You Now?

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