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Frank Ocean’s New Album ‘Blonde’ Has Arrived, Here’s Where You Can Hear It

The wait is over, people!

After months — nay, years — of false alarms, cryptic hints and a fkn rollercoaster ride of emotions, Frank Ocean’s sophomore album Blonde has finally arrived.

After a weekend in which we were given a visual album titled Endless followed by a new single Nikes, he’s gone and dropped a traditional, 17-track album.

It was originally titled Boys Don’t Cry with the title shared in a Tumblr post last year. At that point it was expected to come in July 2015 but after countless delays and a live stream of Frank building something in a warehouse that was started on his website at the beginning of the month, it’s here.

The album was expected to drop after a week of the live stream on 5th August but it never came sending fans into meltdown. It was then rumoured that the album would arrive in November 2016.

Mercifully, the long-awaited follow-up to Channel Orange did finally arrive this morning. It features Nikes, released yesterday, along with 16 other tracks not featured on Endless.

The bad news is, it’s been released as an Apple Music exclusive, meaning that you’ll need to sign up to the streaming service in order to get its sweet sounds into your ears right now.

That’s a small price to pay though to get your ears around something we’ve been waiting on for four years.

Listen to the album here and check out the tracklist below.

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Frank Ocean – Blonde Album Art:

Frank Ocean – Blonde Tracklist:

1. Nikes

2. Ivy

3. Pink + White

4. Be Yourself

5. Solo

6. Skyline To

7. Self Control

8. Good Guy

9. Nights

10. Solo (Reprise)

11. Pretty Sweet

12. Facebook Story

13. Close to You

14. White Ferrari

15. Siegfried

16. Godspeed

17. Futura Free

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