Glass Animals Describe “Saddest Sight” Of Seeing A Bin Full Of Pineapples At UK Festival

Glass Animals have officially played Reading & Leeds Festival, the one that banned pineapples, and they had to witness some particularly sad sights.

Organisers of Reading & Leeds were concerned about thousands of people bringing the fruit as it’s become a thing at Glass Animals shows thanks to the Pork Soda lyric, “pineapples are in my head”.

Despite that, the band labelled the decision “fruitist” and encouraged fans to “bring fruit” anyway.

The band played the festival over the weekend and it seems the organisers won because lead-singer Dave Bayley told NME he only spotted “at least five” in the audience.

“The saddest sight I saw was someone tweeted a picture of a bin going into the arena where security had just been throwing all of the pineapples. A bin full of pineapples was so sad,” he said.

Even inflatable pineapples were being chucked away but the band made up for the absence with a little creativity.

“We actually brought 20,000 tiny pineapples in the form of confetti and blasted it out into the crowd, it was a bit cheeky.” Bayley further told the BBC.

Glass Animals will be out here in December and January to play Falls Festival. No word yet on whether everyone will be able to bring pineapples.

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