Glastonbury 2013’s Shangri La Theme: ‘One Man’s Heaven Is Another Man’s Hell’

Glastonbury organisers have revealed the theme of the festival’s infamous Shangri La area for 2013: ‘One Man’s Heaven is Another Man’s Hell”.

Stereoboard believes that it will be the first instalment of a planned ‘Afterlife’ series of themes for the after-hours festival area.  It follows on from their 2011 theme ‘End of the World/Virus’, which counted 2012 as the end of the world, based on the Mayan calendar.

Organisers revealed all the details via a post on the Shangri La blog.

“Shangri-la 2011 turned out to be the best year yet: the full realisation of the dystopic, future-city, Bladerunner style, vision we’d been evolving over 3 years. It was incredibly moving to see all the work coming together in such magnificent fashion. The hub and alleys set a new benchmark for festivals and we’ve been glad to see the influence of the nano-venue spreading through festival culture. Boomtown, bless em, did a fantastic homage, and we’re happy to see the kids taking it on and developing it.

“Shangri-la is about setting the bar high, about pushing it as far as we can go creatively. We’re there to help make sure that Glasto has always got the freshest content in the festival world. We’re starting fresh for 2013 with a new series of shows, introducing a new set, new venues and a new theme, which we will develop over the next 4 years.”

Glastonbury 2013 sold out in one hour and 40 minutes last Sunday, with more than 100,000 punters snapping up tickets in a flurry of internet and phone-booking chaos.  Those who missed out have the chance to get returned tickets when they’re re-sold in April.


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