Grandaddy To Reissue The Sophtware Slump

The wonderful Grandaddy have announced the reissue of their landmark 2000 album, The Sophtware Slump.

The album, widely regarded as Jason Lytle‘s masterpiece, will be fully remastered and comes in a deluxe double-disc package. Disc one will feature the original album, with disc two featuring a number of B-sides, demos and EP bonus tracks from the time of The Sophtware Slump‘s release.

Grandaddy split up in 2006, though Lytle looks back on his band with much affection these days. Clash quotes him as saying about The Sophtware Slump, “I do love this album….. as I love all of the albums I have made. Although I rarely (if ever) listen to them….. I do love them.”

Guitarist Jim Fairchild said the album was “written by a guy who was elated by the possibilities he faced in his life and frustrated by how all that possibility was panning out….. and how those thoughts turned in to songs that slightly fictionalised and summarized quite closely, what a bunch of other people were thinking too.”

Amen to that. The Sophtware Slump was Grandaddy’s second album after the release of their debut Under The Western Freeway in 1997. Neither album garnered much attention or acclaim for the band, although both are now looked upon by many as classics. Their final album, Just Like The Fambly Cat, came in 2006, while Jason Lytle has enjoyed admiration for his solo career, particularly his most recent LP, Yours Truly, The Commuter.

Here is the video to single from the album, The Crystal Lake:

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