Guns N’ Roses Expand Reunion Tour Into 2017, Australia Awaits

UPDATE 17/08/16: It’s official — Guns N’ Roses have announced a 2017 Australian stadium tour.

UPDATE 15/08/16: A video advertisement promoting a February 2017 Guns N’ Roses Australian tour has now leaked.

UPDATE 15/08/16: A billboard for a Guns N’ Roses show in Melbourne in 2017 has been spotted, with the band still yet to announce an Aussie tour.

ORIGINAL STORY: The reunited Guns N’ Roses tour Not In This Lifetime… was shaping up to be yet another magical moment in music history that Australians would have to watch from the sidelines. But, you can count some seconds back on the clock as it looks as though the band don’t have any plans to stop the show, with dates apparently locked in well into next year.

The news came from Dale Skjerseth, the band’s production manager (via The Daily Mail) who has apparently been briefed that “there’s no end date” for the tour at this point in time. He adds “I’ve seen plenty of dates going into next year, far into next year.”

By the sounds of things, it appears everyone is getting along pretty damn well and enjoying themselves. “Everybody’s working together to keep a common goal and common direction…keep the machine going,” Skjerseth reveals.

This isn’t the first time that Australian tour dates were tacitly suggested. Back in June, a friend of the band’s South American tour party mentioned that Guns N’ Roses would be hitting Australia in January 2017, suggesting that a Japan tour would follow, then UK dates.

Reunited key members Axl, Slash, Duff and co have actually been class acts throughout the entire run. During their stop off in Orlando, the band paid their respects to the victims of the mass shooting earlier in the year. The band took to socials to post a video dubbed “49 Roses”, referring to the 49 fatalities, as well as their logo which blooms with the Gay Pride rainbow and the arrangement of roses.

By all accounts, the tour has been without the total trade mark chaos from the hard rock gods. Believe it or not, there have even been reports that the band have taken to the stage on time. What a time to be alive.

So far, from a distance, we’ve waded through the reunion rumours then soon after we heard it was confirmed. Then, we stood on our tippy toes to try and catch a glimpse of the first show featuring Axl and Slash together for 23 years. Soon after, salt was rubbed into the wound was when fellow key member Steven Adler joined the band on stage for a performance.

There was a slight reprieve when the band started to announce a string of pretty weird support acts like Wolfmother and Skrillex.

I mean, who would want to go see Guns N’ Roses now….right?

Oh what? AND THE CAST FROM BROADWAY’s SCHOOL OF ROCK? God. I want to be there so bad.

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