Hear Mastodon Return With Surprisingly Uplifting New Song ‘Toe To Toes’

Game Of Thrones stars Mastodon are back with a brand new tune dubbed ‘Toe To Toes’ and it’s less dark & brutal than what we’ve come to expect from the prehistoric metal mammals.

The surprisingly upbeat ditty sounds like it’s been plucked straight outta the 80’s (kind of has a bit of a solo era Ozzy Osbourne vibe going on), and is the first song to drop off the band’s new EP, Cold Dark Place.

The rapid-fire follow-up to the band’s 2017 album Emperor of Sand is due out on September 22nd (man, these dudes are prolific).

Hopefully they’ll take a break from recording soon to come play this shit live in Australia again (we last saw them play here in 2015).

For now, see what you reckon of their new track ‘Toe To Toes’ belowzzzzz.

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