Here’s A Drum Kit With MIDI-Activated Flame Throwers Because RAWK

This is a hot story; someone has managed to hook up a drum set to a system of small propane-fuelled flamethrowers, allowing the drummer at the helm of the beast to release flames each and every time they hit a drum. Footage has emerged of the pyromaniacal device, which Music Feeds readers can check out below.

Drummer Tyler Williams of the Beau Hodges Band taps, rolls and grooves within a ring of fire. The system he’s using is called FirePixels, which are essentially flame effects that can be synchronised to every touch of the drumstick. Each drum is connected to a MIDI trigger, capable of sensing how when it is hit and how hard it was hit.

This data then moves into a controller called LiveSpark, which is computable with popular digital audio workstation Ableton Live. The entire system is capable of 256 different flame heights providing a 1″ – 40″ flame height which can be varied in real-time.

Watch: Drums on Fire – FirePixels with Tyler Williams

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