Hilltop Hoods: “We Regret Name Checking Bill Cosby”

Australian hip hop vanguards Hilltop Hoods have taken to social media to clarify the origin of the name of their Walking Under Stars track, Cosby Sweater, also the name of their current national tour, in light of the seri rape allegations made against comedian Bill Cosby. In their statement the band say they now “regret” inadvertently name-checking Cosby.

“We’ve been getting a lot of emails asking if ‘Cosby Sweater’ was inspired by the urban dictionary definition of the phrase, I can tell you right now that it has NOTHING to do with it,” Hilltops wrote to Facebook overnight.

Readers can see the Urban Dictionary definition the Hoods are referring to here, but to paraphrase slightly it involves the intimate act of eating and then “vomiting” colourful breakfast cereals onto your significant other, which should result in a pattern similar to those that adorned the jumpers Bill Cosby wore on his ’80s sitcom The Cosby Show. Lovely.

“To be honest we regret name checking Bill Cosby,” they said. “Like some of you we’ve only recently become aware of the allegations against him.” Cosby Sweater contains numerous references to the comedian, though fans of the band would know the song is not actually about the man himself.

If the lyrics of the song weren’t clear enough for you, the Hoods restate plainly that Cosby Sweater was inspired by an iconic image of Notorious B.I.G. wearing a Coogi Sweater, an Australian brand of colourful clothing made internationally famous by Biggie (see below). “The songs about a piece of clothing. A ridiculously colourful piece of clothing,” the write.

According to The Guardian, at least seven women have now come forward with allegations of sexual assault by Bill Cosby, some saying they had been drugged and raped by the TV star.

“If he’s guilty of those allegations he can go jump in a fkn lake. A deep icy lak,” said the band, adding that they pulled the flip shirts that had a caricature of Cosby on the inside from their merchandise a couple of weeks ago.

“Anyway, hopefully that gives some clarity on what the song’s about. Please, no more emails about the Urban Dictionary definition,” they add.

Hilltop Hoods’ national tour continues tonight in Coffs Harbour. See the rest of the tour dates here.

Photos: Hilltop Hoods @ Hordern Pavilion 24/10/14 — Photos by Liam Cameron

Watch: Hilltop Hoods – Cosby Sweater

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