Iggy Azalea Cops Backlash For Saying She Grew Up Without “Privilege”

Iggy Azalea has sparked up the internet by saying in an interview that she grew up without any “privilege”.

Speaking with GQ the Aussie rapper spoke about her life growing up in rural town Mullumbimby.

“I understand that in America there is institutionalised racism and there is privilege that comes with the colour of your skin,” she said.

“That’s real. I grew up in a situation that didn’t involve any privilege and I worked really hard.”

She further said that her childhood is “overlooked” when it comes to conversations about her career.

“It’s tough because I want you to acknowledge my work and that this wasn’t easy, but I also don’t want to detract from or trvialise any people of colours’ position because that’s also legitimate.”

It took next to no time for the internet to react to the comments. Rapper Talib Kweli led the charge writing on Instagram, “Can someone tell [Azalea] abt aborigines and the struggle of ppl of color in Australia?”

Azalea has already been schooled on the concept of white privilege once before. In 2014, rapper Q Tip took to Twitter to explain to her the origins of hip-hop and the relationship of white privilege with the genre. At the time, Azalea shrugged off the criticism.

The Australian rapper returned with a new single ‘Saviour’ this year feature Migos member Quavo but she’s obviously still weathering controversy.

Check out some of the reactions to her latest comments below.

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