Jamie Oliver Posted On Lorde’s Instagram & Her Fans Are Confused

Celebrity chef Jamie Oliver has caught the eye of Lorde fans, but it’s not because he has a new recipe for onion rings or anything.

Lorde took to Instagram yesterday to post a photo of herself on tour in Norway, captioned, “In Oslo looking like a president’s wife or some shit.”

Later, in a since-deleted comment on that post, Oliver wrote, “Your funny babe you your well j [sic],” which has some Lorde fans pretty damn confused.

Oliver’s comment was called out for a couple of reasons — including his terrible spelling — and some fans even accused him of “creeping” on 20-year-old Lorde…

Other fans were just super-confused…

…while some brushed it off as nothing more than a cheeky greeting from the ‘Naked Chef’:

Luckily, most fans have had fun with the whole situation, to the benefit of the internet:

Oh and while we’re here, check out this supremely cooked tweet from back in 2013:

simpsons collar gif

Lorde fans also got vocal on Twitter earlier this month, after Seal dissed the singer’s recent single ‘Green Light’.

So yeah, don’t mess with ’em.

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