Jimmy Barnes Is Collaborating With The Wiggles On A New Album

In perhaps the most epic collaboration in Australian music history, Jimmy Barnes has joined forces with The Wiggles for a new kids’ album.

Barnesy was apparently inspired by his grandkids to team up with the rainbow sweater-wearing lords of the children’s music genre to bust out a new LP dubbed Och Aye the G’Nu.

The concept album also comes packing a book of poems, and features the Cold Chisel Wiggle singer waxing lyrical about about G’Nu, whom he describes to News Corp as “a happy young wildebeest who lives in Glasgow Zoo with his very best friend, Kangaroo, as they set off on adventures far and wide”.

Songs include ‘I’m a G’nu’, ‘Shake Your Shaggy’, ‘Shaggy Mane’, ‘I Got New Shoes’ and ‘My G’Nu Kazoo’ so shitchyeah get in amongst it.

“It has been such an honour and a pleasure to work with my old friends The Wiggles, on this project,” Barnesy tells News Corp. “Anthony (Field) is the best in the world in this field and he guided me through this project every step of the way. We had a lot of fun doing it too.”

Sadly the other OG Wiggles Greg and Murray are MIA for the project, but purple Wiggle/career narcoleptic Jeff will feature on the record, along with other new-wave Wiggles Lachy, Emma and Simon, plus Barnesy’s son Jackie and a couple of his other relos.

Sounds like a Wiggly good time.

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