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Josh Homme Accused Of Attacking Brody Dalle’s Boyfriend On Christmas Eve

Gunner Foxx, the boyfriend of Distillers frontperson Brody Dalle, has accused Dalle’s ex-husband, Josh Homme, of physically attacking him on Christmas Eve.

Foxx made the allegations in a court filing, which resulted in a judge granting him an emergency stay-away order, according to reporting from Rolling Stone.

The alleged incident took place at Oaks Mall in Thousand Oaks, California, 65 kms outside of Los Angeles’ city centre. The 38-year-old Foxx – who’s believed to have been in a relationship with Dalle since late-2020 – was in the Apple Store when Homme, 48, confronted him.

According to Foxx’s written legal statement, the Queens of the Stone Age frontperson grabbed him from behind and said, “I’m going to kill you, you fucking pussy.” Foxx claimed that when he left the store, Homme was waiting for him and threatened to throw him over the shopping centre balcony.

“He then attempted to use the momentum of his upper body combined with his grip on my arm to throw me over the rail,” Foxx wrote. “I could feel one of his fingernails digging sharply into my hands. In that moment I truly felt that he was going to throw me over the balcony to my death.

“lt was an indescribable terrifying and surreal experience to have someone try to take your life.”

Foxx also claimed that Homme screamed at him, “I haven’t seen my kids in three months and it’s your fucking fault!”

It’s all tied to the custody battle over Dalle and Homme’s three children. Dalle filed for divorce in December 2019, drawing attention to Homme’s drug and alcohol abuse.

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