Brody Dalle


Brody Dalle Slams US Department Store For Stealing Her Image

Aussie punk rock hero Brody Dalle has publicly called out US Department Store Macy’s for using an image of her for their Fashion Rocks advertising campaign without her permission. Taking to Twitter, Dalle shared an image of a stencil rendering, made from an image of her taken during her Distillers mohawk era, which had been […]


Brody Dalle Says She Isn’t “Slut Shaming” Iggy Azalea And JLo

After criticising Jennifer Lopez and Iggy Azalea’s “horrendous” Booty video, Brody Dalle has clarified that her remarks were not “slut shaming”. In a lengthy Facebook post, Dalle reacts to “incorrect motives” assigned to her tweets. After calling out the Booty video, Dalle received a tweet (below) from a fan named Kayla which read, “Your rants […]


Brody Dalle Calls Out “Horrendous” JLo, Iggy Azalea Video

Distillers frontwoman Brody Dalle has taken aim at Jennifer Lopez and Iggy Azalea on Twitter, labelling the recently released video for JLo’s song Booty as “horrendous”, while also taking a swipe at contributing songwriter Chris Brown. “I think JLo and iggy azalea have lost their heads up each other’s big butts,” tweeted the Australian-born rocker, […]


Watch Shirley Manson And Brody Dalle Growl In ‘Girls Talk’

What happens with the unstoppable force that is Garbage meets the immovable object known as Distillers frontwoman Brody Dalle? They record a badass, rough-as-guts track known as Girls Talk. The song was originally tracked as part of their celebratory Record Store Day 10″ vinyl but has only now received the video service which is testament […]

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