Tourist Releases New Album ‘Memory Morning’
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Tourist Releases New Album ‘Memory Morning’

Tourist has released his fifth album titled, ‘Memory Morning’ which got out on Friday, 19th April, under his own label titled Monday Records.

Tourist about the journey that he had to go through in order to make this album. “Memory Morning’ is one of those albums that really took shape as I wrote it. Often my music draws from specific life events, but this album truly lives in and was born from my imagination. I wanted to write something that felt like it whisked you away, an album that felt like a ‘place’, its own world, somewhere you might find new corners with each listen.”

Tourist – ‘Memory Morning’

 Tourist further about the concept of this new album.“I wanted Memory Morning to be disorientating in the nicest possible way; to sound like a memory of the music you love.’ It’s the effervescent feeling of when you discover a new piece of music – and particularly in the act of listening on headphones, which is a miraculous experience that I think people take for granted, to feel as though you are physically inside the music.”

With this new album ‘Memory Morning’, Tourist explored various sonic territories and drew inspirations from psychedelic music, shoegaze and also artists. The album consists of ten tracks which have been curated very thoughtfully and offers the audience with a rich tapestry of sounds.

Tracklist ‘Memory Morning’:

  • Lifted Out
  • A Little Bit Further
  • Valentine
  • Siren
  • Ithaca
  • Blink 
  • EST 
  • Second Nature
  • Crush 
  • Memory Morning

You can listen to the entire track here.

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