Korn Bring Back The Fury In A Teaser For Their New Single

News that Korn is working on a brand new album seemed to fall largely on deaf ears. Many of us unhitched our wagons not too long after Twisted Transistor leaving a much smaller, but fiercely dedicated following. Well, it might be time to re-hitch that wagon, you guys because judging by the first teaser – holy fucking shit – it’s going to be good.

Like, Freak On A Leash good. The teaser employs a snippet from a upcoming track that will feature in the release. It’s yet to be confirmed but all signs seem to indicate it will be Rotting In Vein. The teaser also highlights the date Friday, 22nd July, which matches up with a post featuring bassist Fieldy’s son from earlier in the week.

The band road-tested the jam at the Chicago’s Open Air Festival, and by all accounts it seems to have been met with thunderous approval from the fans.

The new album will be the 15th record from the forefathers of nu-metal and will see the most unholy of unions with the other forefather of nu-metal, Slipknot’s Corey Taylor which is just all sorts of awesome.

So get excited, my friends, it may have taken them a few years to get it together, but all signs indicate Korn have returned to form.

Watch: Korn “Rotting in vain” debut Chicago Open Air 2016

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