Listen To Electric Fields’ Eurovision Single ‘2000 And Whatever’

Australia is entering the red zone of Eurovision fever as we draw ever closer to finding out who will be representing us this year. Now, one of the contenders, Electric Fields, have finally given us the song they’ll be singing should they represent us.

The duo’s track is called ‘2000 And Whatever’ and it is rife with electro-pop goodness, which makes Eurovision the perfect place for it.

On the inspiration behind the track, the duo noted, in a statement, that they “believe this generation could be the best yet.”

“We can do this by becoming aware that we are all here, together, for reasons we’ll never fully grasp. There’s room for everybody. We are not your worries, we are a beautiful energy that just has the ability to think. So use those thoughts to navigate a path to a new level of freedom. Because in no time we’ll all be dead. Then all of those atoms that make up your body will become part of nature and your energy will also move on to something else. We’re not going to live forever, BUT, that process of impermanence WILL go on forever. Live that, and we really could be the best generation yet.”

Electric Fields, however, do have some pretty stiff competition gunning for the Aussie spot in this year’s contest. Their competitors include the likes of Kate Miller-Heidke and Ella Hooper.

But, no matter who makes it to the stage for Australia in Israel this May, they’ll have to face up against Finland’s Darude so is there a point in even going anyway?

Listen to ‘2000 And Whatever’ below.


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