Listen To Snippet Of New Music From Indy Yelich, Lorde’s Sister

Lorde was wrong, the Yelich family WILL BE ROYALS. Lorde’s little sister, Indy Yelich has teased a little clip of her own original song and oooof. Turns out it runs in the family.

The snippet sounds like a breakup anthem of sorts with lyrics like, “Wish I could sit in bed with you/ now we stare across the room/ goodbye a thousand times, but it’s eating me alive/ there’s nothing I can do about it/ you and I/ awkward conversations in the corner/ you used to hold me.”

Have a listen:

Turns out, it’s not her first track either. A fan compiled a bunch of snippets taken from her IG stories.

Late last year we received news that Lorde’s upcoming album would be delayed due to the passing of her pupper Pearl.

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