A Mash-Up Of Evanescence And The Wiggles Exists, Is Hilarious And Terrifying

Sometimes the most random fucking ideas can turn out to be the most brilliant.

Case in point: this mash-up of a song by goth rockers Evanescence with a classic track by The Wiggles.

Sure, you might think, that’s more wackadoodle than Dorothy The Dinosaur being cast in Jurassic World II. Why would anybody waste their time splicing the musical DNA of that washed up noughties rock band with the most beloved Aussie children’s (and now adults’) act of all time?

Well thank god they did, because it’s comedy. fucking. gold.

Linked by the mutual theme of regaining ones’ consciousness, the results of mashing up Evanescence’s breakout Daredevil theme tune Bring Me To Life with The Wiggles’ classic Wake Up Jeff are hilarious, terrifying and oddly appropriate.

(And ICYMI: you can catch the OG Wiggles playing another over 18’s pub show next month – this time in Melbourne).

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