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Matt Corby Returns With Willy Wonka-Inspired New Song ‘No Ordinary Life’

Matt Corby has returned with a brand new track, ‘No Ordinary Life’, off his forthcoming album, due for release later this year.

The track shows Corby’s lyricism become more sophisticated. It’s full of wonderful, inspiring melodies and fun dreamlike sounds, coming together to make a psychedelic Willy Wonka-esque piece.

Talking about the different sounds we can hear on the song, Corby says, “On ‘No Ordinary Life’, we were using Willy Wonka as a reference, literally, as a way to write melodies. I know that sounds a bit crazy, but that film has some strong melodic ideology.”

The song’s airy textures transport the listener, so it’s quite easy to hear how Willy Wonka inspired the sound.

“For some reason when you say Willy Wonka, it sets a mood – this magical, hyper-melodic, crooning, beautiful thing, a journey into the whimsical. We tried to make this song and a few others in that vein – as joyous as possible, which is definitely a change to what I used to do,” says Corby.

“With ‘No Ordinary Life’, it is really just a reminder that even though we have all found our way to some form of monotony and formula in our general living, we are all powerful, interesting creatures that are all living completely separate experiences, all within the same relative time, and that in itself is extraordinary.”

Matt Corby’s forthcoming album will be his second full-length release, following on from his 2016 debut, Telluric, which topped the ARIA charts.

Listen to ‘No Ordinary Life’ below, or on streaming services right here.

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