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Mia Rodriguez Takes On Rex Orange County’s ‘Corduroy Dreams’ For Triple J Like A Version

Triple j’s Like a Version is back and the first cab off the rank for 2021 is 2020 sensation Mia Rodriguez. The Sydney-based ‘Psycho’ singer and TikTok star came along to cover icon Rex Orange County’s ‘Corduroy Dreams’.

The cover sees Rodriguez combine her ethereal pop vibes with Rex Orange County’s jazzy casualness.

She does a cheeky switcheroo with the lyrics too. Where Rex sings, “Don’t call me Daddy, ’cause that’s just fucking weird,” Mia opts for “Mummy”.

In her Behind the Like a Version, Rodriguez said, “I chose to cover ‘Corduroy Dreams’ because… Actually, I didn’t really choose it. I just pressed shuffle on my phone and I was listening to music and I was like, ‘Hm, I’m going to do this song for Like a Version.'”

“And so I did,” said Mia Rodriguez.

“I like the jazzy vibes they have and the raw instruments they involve, it’s really cool.”

Chatting about her path to get where she is now, Rodriguez says she started making funny videos on TikTok to get people’s attention. She explains once she had their attention (she has two million followers today) she started work on entering the music industry.

“I’m now more of a musician than I am a TikTok person.”

She also performed the song that started it all, ‘Psycho’.

Catch Mia Rodriguez’s take on Rex Orange County’s ‘Corduroy Dreams’, ‘Psycho’, and her Behind the Like a Version interview below.

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