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New Spotify Feature Reveals The Songs You’ve Listened To Most During Lockdown

As you’ve been stuck inside self-isolating due to the coronavirus pandemic, it’s likely your listening habits have changed a little. Whether you’re listening to more of your old favourites, or discovering new ones (as this recent study from Billboard and Nielsen Music/MRC Data suggests), many of us are suddenly listening to a whole lot more music around the house.

Now, Spotify and concert ticketing website Tixel have developed a new feature which allows you to find out exactly what you’ve been streaming throughout quarantine. Once you connect your Spotify account, it analyses data from your recent listening, showing you the top three songs that have been keeping you company in isolation.

You can then easily share your results on social media.

Of course, Spotify have been big on showing users data from their listening habits for some time now. For instance, their yearly ‘Wrapped’ function allows you to look back on what you listened to the most over the course of a year.

Head here to find out what the tunes you’ve been playing the most throughout lockdown. (In my case, the top track was ‘Life Worth Missing’, arguably the best song from the brilliant new Car Seat Headrest album Making a Door Less Open.)

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