Phil Collins Doesn’t Like Music Anymore

Phil Collins has admitted that he doesn’t like music anymore, the 60-year-old former Genesis drummer and singer revealing that he never feels the urge to turn on his stereo or listen to songs – even, you would imagine, his own.

Collins announced his retirement from music earlier this year because of his health, and in a new interview with the Daily Telegraph (UK) said that not even the encouragement of his actress daughter Lily is enough for him to take an interest.

He said, “I actually don’t like music that much. I don’t listen to music. My youngest daughter, Lily, she’ll play me stuff and I’ll say, ‘Wow, that’s great, who’s that?’ But, really, no.”

Collins called time on a career that began when he played an extra in the Beatles film A Hard Day’s Night, citing nerve damage, hearing issues and back pain, according to NME. He also stated he wanted to spend more time with his two young sons.

One band hoping to bring back Collins, reportedly worth £115 million (AUD 173 million), is Foals, who said they want to restore Collins’ faith in music and ‘help him drum again.’

This correspondent feels Collins often gets a bum rap from critics, and here’s a morsel in celebration of his time in the sun:


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